About Us

NICE Foundation was registered in the year 2002 at Hyderabad under the Public Charitable Trust Act (Reg. no. 1607-IV-32 of 2002). The Foundation works towards saving lives by providing quality health care to the most deserving sections of the society. Currently, our focus is on the following sections of the populations:

(a) Young ones- the newborn and Children

(b) Most deserving- the government school child

(c) Neglected- tribal women and children

(d) Community at Large through Primary, Preventive and Promotive care

NICE has been successfully creating innovative models and partnerships between the state governments, corporate and the civil society so as to provide economically viable health care to these populations. These models serve as guides for provision of comprehensive health services. Through these partnerships, innovative, cost-effective and replicable health care interventions are being implemented in India currently.

The Foundation’s intention is to sensitize the planners and decision makers of the country through viable health interventions. Our priorities and programs are translated and communicated effectively and convincingly.